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Bruce Brown and Associates

Adapting to today's markets


Bruce Brown and Associates

Bruce Brown and Associates has merged with Thundercat Marketing - and is no longer operating as a business

Bruce Brown and Associates was based in
- Costa Mesa, CA.

We offered services in marketing and merchandising of products in the marine, outdoor and hardware industries. Manufacturers and trade associations recognized Bruce Brown and Associates as a leader in the industry.
We offered training in sales and marketing of the products our principles manufacture.
We offered training on marine safety to commercial mariners, commercial fishermen and recreational boaters.  Please contact our office to discuss our training programs.
We have a committment to the markets we serve - with over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing and training, our group sets the pace in the 21st Century.

A Listing of the Principles represented by Thundercat Marketing is available by going to the their web site:

Photo courtesy of Media Directions - Bob Brown

Bruce Brown with Jessica Watson - youngest circumnavigator of the world 
At the 2010 Long Beach Yacht and Boat Show - Produced by the Southern California Marine Association